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Carriage Inn of Dayton: Angela White
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Jordan McElroy
Gables Care Center: Ashley Clark
Meadows of Cadiz: Lyndsey Hennis
Scioto Community: Lauryn Fegan
Shiloh Springs Care Center: Saundra Roundtree
Sunnyslope Care Center: Anna Lunemann
The Oaks of West Kettering: Raquel Pitts

Home Care Ashtabula: Paige Beach
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Pam Vincent
Home Care Dublin: Hang Nguyen
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Nicole Zorne
Home Care Concierge: Laura Lewis

Captial Health Care Network: Alison Colvin

Carriage Inn of Dayton: Sheenah Wheeton
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Kim Turnbull
Gables Care Center: Karen Givens
Meadows of Cadiz: Lauren English
Scioto Community: Shandora Ward
Shiloh Springs Care Center: Duwann Tillman
Sunnyslope Care Center: Theresa Dipirro
The Oaks of West Kettering: Jaci Stinson

Home Care Ashtabula: Robin Zee
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Betty Harman
Home Care Dublin: Betty Rattler
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Necole Hritz
Home Care Concierge: Amber Bacon

Capital Health Care Network: Ethan Clark

Carriage Inn of Dayton: Stephan Richardson
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Barb Walker
Gables Care Center: Angel Tennant
Meadows of Cadiz: Dawnell Kernya
Scioto Community: Matthew Boone
Shiloh Springs Care Center: Carla Mitchell
Sunnyslope Care Center: Linda Smallwood
The Oaks of West Kettering: James Brown

Home Care Ashtabula: Denise Williams
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Wesley Rosencrans
Home Care Dublin: Mindy Powell
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Jamie Pykosz
Home Care Concierge: EFunmi Adeyemi

Capital Health Care Network: Lisa Brown

Carriage Inn of Dayton: Terri Deaton
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Tina Joumaa
Gables Care Center: Erica McClure
Meadows of Cadiz: Barbie Elliott
Scioto Community: Shauna Lute
Shiloh Springs Care Center: Kimani Wanja
Sunnyslope Care Center: Jodi Mack
The Oaks of West Kettering: Vicki Young

Home Care Ashtabula: Rachel Wright
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Lauren Bossi
Home Care Dublin: Olivia Sciulli
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Kelli Christian
Home Care Concierge: Eunice Emeaghara

Capital (Corporate): Shari Sartoris


Carriage Inn of Dayton: Erica Fields
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Londa Wade
Gables Care Center: Jessica Bethel
Meadows of Cadiz: Brandon Haga
Scioto Community: Stefanie Freeman
Shiloh Springs Care Center: Achsah Franklin
Sunnyslope Care Center: Nikki Fox
The Oaks of West Kettering: Angel Blocker

Home Care Ashtabula: Janet Maille
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Elizabeth Barleycorn
Home Care Dublin: Jeffery Howard
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Michelle Spencer
Home Care Concierge: Ivory Boggs

Capital (Corporate): Reign Vanvoorhis

Carriage Inn of Dayton: Victoria Lott
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Lori Brady
Gables Care Center: Makala Casto
Meadows of Cadiz: Carla Maxwell
Scioto Community: Suzanne Jefferson
Shiloh Springs Care Center: Gretchen Lane
Sunnyslope Care Center: Crystal Henry
The Oaks of West Kettering: Shatonda Walder

Home Care Ashtabula: Raechel Jarvis
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Mariah Johnson
Home Care Dublin: Julie Harris
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Heather Bower
Home Care Concierge: Jacob Amakye

Capital (Corporate): Stephanie Rich

Carriage Inn of Dayton – Andre Bennett
Carriage Inn of Steubenville – Kellie Williamson
Gables Care Center – Holli Kulow
Meadows of Cadiz – Christina Burrows
Meadows of Scioto – Joseph Pradier-Moore
Shiloh Springs Care Center – Tommy McGuffey Jr.
Sunnyslope Care Center – Holli Verhovic
The Oaks of West Kettering – Shalita Gamble

Home Care Ashtabula – Leanne Frampton
Home Care Dayton – Betty Harman
Home Care Dublin – Olivia Sciulli
Home Care Steubenville – Shawn Hughes
Home Care Concierge – Cynthia Boateng

Capital Health Home Office – Sarah Safreed

Carriage Inn of Dayton – Kathy Shepherd

Carriage Inn of Steubenville – Mary Lou Gray

Gables Care Center – Natalie Dodds

Meadows of Cadiz – Anita Peterson

Meadows of Scioto – Tonya Richardson

Shiloh Springs Care Center – Gretchen Lane

Sunnyslope Care Center – Jodi Bracken-Tubaugh

The Oaks of West Kettering – Anthony Smith

Home Care-Ashtabula – Samuel Torres

Home Care-Dayton – Jeremy Knight

Home Care-Dublin – Sherri Andes

Home Care-Steubenville – Nicole Zorne

Home Care Concierge – Monica Burbridge

Capital Health Home Office – Mandy Craig


Carriage Inn of Dayton – Tim Tidwell

Carriage Inn of Steubenville – Nikki Herrick

Gables Care Center – Saleshe May

Meadows of Cadiz – Anita Peterson

Meadows of Scioto – Kenneth Meade

Shiloh Springs Care Center – Narleski Cranford

Sunnyslope Care Center – April Hocker

The Oaks of West Kettering – Nyah Birdsong

Home Care-Ashtabula – Machelle Emery

Home Care-Dayton – Beth Ames

Home Care-Dublin – Kathy Ingram

Home Care-Steubenville – Heather Bowers

Home Care Concierge – Heidi Russell

Capital Health Home Office – Brandon Sorrell

Carriage Inn of Dayton – Kendle Rhodes
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House – Jasmine McClain
Gables Care Center – Trevor Hennis
Meadows of Cadiz – Wendy Dagan
Meadows of Scioto – Opeoluwa Ayegbusi
Shiloh Springs Care Center – Lemenzo Clegg
Sunnyslope Care Center – Amanda Norman
The Oaks of West Kettering – Amber Bowen
Capital Health Home Care-Ashtabula – Donna Stamper
Capital Health Home Care & Hospice-Dayton – Anita Smith
Capital Health Home Care-Dublin – Jacki Sciulli
Capital Health Home Care-Steubenville/West Virginia – Angela Merryman
Capital Health Home Care Concierge – Renae Brock
Capital Health Home Office – Mandy Craig