September Employees of the Month

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Carriage Inn of Dayton: Angela White
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Jordan McElroy
Gables Care Center
Ashley Clark
Meadows of CadizLyndsey Hennis
Scioto CommunityLauryn Fegan
Shiloh Springs Care CenterSaundra Roundtree
Sunnyslope Care CenterAnna Lunemann
The Oaks of West KetteringRaquel Pitts
Home Care AshtabulaPaige Beach
Home Care Dayton/HospicePam Vincent
Home Care DublinHang Nguyen
Home Care Steubenville/WVNicole Zorne
Home Care ConciergeLaura Lewis

August Employees of the Month

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Carriage Inn of Dayton: Sheenah Wheeton
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Kim Turnbull
Gables Care Center
Karen Givens
Meadows of CadizLauren English
Scioto CommunityShandora Ward
Shiloh Springs Care CenterDuwann Tillman
Sunnyslope Care CenterTheresa Dipirro
The Oaks of West KetteringJaci Stinson
Home Care AshtabulaRobin Zee
Home Care Dayton/HospiceBetty Harman
Home Care DublinBetty Rattler
Home Care Steubenville/WVNecole Hritz
Home Care ConciergeAmber Bacon

July Employees of the Month

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Carriage Inn of Dayton: Stephan Richardson
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Barb Walker
Gables Care Center
Angel Tennant
Meadows of CadizDawnell Kernya
Scioto CommunityMatthew Boone
Shiloh Springs Care CenterCarla Mitchell
Sunnyslope Care CenterLinda Smallwood
The Oaks of West KetteringJames Brown
Home Care AshtabulaDenise Williams
Home Care Dayton/HospiceWesley Rosencrans
Home Care DublinMindy Powell
Home Care Steubenville/WVJamie Pykosz
Home Care ConciergeEFunmi Adeyemi

June Employees of the Month

Friday, July 9, 2021

Carriage Inn of Dayton: Terri Deaton
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Tina Joumaa
Gables Care Center
Erica McClure
Meadows of CadizBarbie Elliott
Scioto CommunityShauna Lute
Shiloh Springs Care CenterKimani Wanja
Sunnyslope Care CenterJodi Mack
The Oaks of West KetteringVicki Young
Home Care AshtabulaRachel Wright
Home Care Dayton/HospiceLauren Bossi
Home Care DublinOlivia Sciulli
Home Care Steubenville/WVKelli Christian
Home Care ConciergeEunice Emeaghara
Capital (Corporate)Shari Sartoris

May Employees of the Month

Friday, June 11, 2021

Carriage Inn of Dayton: Erica Fields
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Londa Wade
Gables Care Center: Jessica Bethel
Meadows of Cadiz: Brandon Haga
Scioto Community: Stefanie Freeman
Shiloh Springs Care Center: Achsah Franklin
Sunnyslope Care Center: Nikki Fox
The Oaks of West Kettering: Angel Blocker
Home Care Ashtabula: Janet Maille
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Elizabeth Barleycorn
Home Care Dublin: Jeffery Howard
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Michelle Spencer
Home Care Concierge: Ivory Boggs
Capital (Corporate): Reign Vanvoorhis

April Employees of the Month

Friday, May 7, 2021

Carriage Inn of Dayton: Victoria Lott
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage HouseLori Brady
Gables Care CenterMakala Casto
Meadows of CadizCarla Maxwell
Scioto CommunitySuzanne Jefferson
Shiloh Springs Care CenterGretchen Lane
Sunnyslope Care CenterCrystal Henry
The Oaks of West KetteringShatonda Walder

Home Care AshtabulaRaechel Jarvis
Home Care Dayton/HospiceMariah Johnson
Home Care DublinJulie Harris
Home Care Steubenville/WVHeather Bower
Home Care ConciergeJacob Amakye

Capital (Corporate)Stephanie Rich

March Employees of the Month

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Carriage Inn of Dayton - Andre Bennett

Carriage Inn of Steubenville - Kellie Williamson

Gables Care Center - Holli Kulow  

Meadows of Cadiz - Christina Burrows

Meadows of Scioto - Joseph Pradier-Moore

Shiloh Springs Care Center - Tommy McGuffey Jr.

Sunnyslope Care Center - Holli Verhovic

The Oaks of West Kettering - Shalita Gamble

Home Care Ashtabula - Leanne Frampton

Home Care Dayton - Betty Harman

Home Care Dublin - Olivia Sciulli 

Home Care Steubenville - Shawn Hughes

Home Care Concierge - Cynthia Boateng

Capital Health Home Office - Sarah Safreed

2020 Capital Health Employees of the Year

Friday, March 26, 2021

While 2020 was an incredibly difficult year, through it all, our staff stood together as Capital Strong. We are so proud of our amazing, talented, and wonderful staff who cared for our residents, patients, clients, and even fellow colleagues as we navigated our ever-changing worlds.

Each month, an employee at our each of communities and agencies is honored for going above & beyond. Yearly we honor truly exceptional individuals who stands out and embody our Values:

  • Compassion - We approach others with an open heart and understanding.
  • Leadership - We will inspire others to set high standards.
  • Respect - We respect others and the contributions they make and will treat them with dignity.
  • Gratitude - We are grateful for the responsibility and opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of senior adults.

Stella Sellers
2020 Employee of the Year
Carriage Inn Dayton

Stella has been with Capital Health for 14 years. Stella is always going above and beyond and helps with any project asked of her. She has trained many Central Supply staff and Schedulers. In a pinch, she manages orders and completes inventory for our sister communities as well.

Known for having a heart of gold, Stella has babysat for our staff so they can come to work. She always considers others before herself. 

Lori Resse, LPN
2020 Employee of the Year
Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House

Chosen for her dedication and compassion, Lori is selfless while caring for others. Lori makes sure staff and residents are taken care of before she leaves for the day. She is always willing to help on the floor and takes pride in her work. No matter what is going on in Lori’s world, she always puts her residents first.

Lori has been with Carriage Inn of Steubenville for 26 years. As our Wound Care Nurse and 2nd Floor Unit Manager, she works long hours, picks up weekends, and will do whatever is needed. She has a kind heart and is respected by anyone who has had the pleasure of working with her. Carriage Inn is honored to have someone as genuine and caring as Lori Reese on our team.

Lori has raised four wonderful boys, and she loves spending time with her seven grandbabies when she is not at work.

Nicole Ornouski
2020 Employee of the Year
Gables Care Center

Nearly 11 years ago, a young woman decided she wanted to begin her health care career journey at Gables Care Center. She planned to become an STNA, so she enrolled in Gables’ Nurse Aide Training and Competency Program.

This was the start of something special. She completed the program and officially became an STNA in July 2010. Nicole was a truly amazing care team member over the next 8 years.  

She decided in 2018 to take an important next step in her career — to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. She went to nursing school while continuing as an STNA at Gables. Upon successfully completing nursing school and passing her state boards, Nicole proudly transitioned to the equally impressive Gables Care Center professional nurses’ team.

Nicole continues to amaze with her clinical skills and caring approach to our residents, while also drawing praise from her peers and supervisors. They say she’s “always willing to help,” “extremely dependable,” “caring and compassionate,” and “a truly special person”. Nicole is a proud resident of Hopedale, Ohio, where she resides with her husband, Bernie.

It is with a great deal of pleasure that Gables Care Center presents Nicole as our Gables Care Center 2020 Employee of the Year.

Angelo Diloreto
2020 Employee of the Year
Meadows of Cadiz

Angelo is a hard worker and very dedicated to our residents and his coworkers. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing PlayStation.

Kenneth Meade
2020 Employee of the Year
Meadows of Scioto

We’re honored to celebrate Ken, who has spent 11 years as an LPN at Meadows of Scioto. He is reliable and shows effortless compassion and patience when providing care to our residents.

Ken enjoys hiking, ATV riding, the beach, and traveling. Most of all, he loves spending time with his family, friends, and godchild.

James Davidson
2020 Employee of the Year
Shiloh Springs Care Center

James goes above and beyond to keep our residents happy. Last year James made homemade vegetable soup when a sick resident was tired of canned options. He wanted her to have something different. He is so very polite and has a wonderful demeanor.

On his days off, James likes to relax and catch up on his favorite shows, grill steaks, and go fishing with his son.

Alicen Bake
2020 Employee of the Year
Sunnyslope Care Center

Alicen has been with us for a year, first in Activities and then as an Aide. She goes above and beyond. She spends time with residents on her days off and works overtime when we need extra help. She feels our residents deserve to have staff who care for their wants and needs.

With special activities such as a “spa day,” Alicen has been known to plan special days on her days off. She helps with transports for doctor appointments as well as resident’s shopping. Alicen jumps in wherever she is needed, including the kitchen and housekeeping. She sits to listen to residents and tries to fix any problems. There were times in the past year when she was working 15-16 hours a day to make sure residents were getting what they needed.

Alicen gets along with all of her colleagues and promotes our community every chance she gets. Her mother also used to work at Sunnyslope until diagnosed with cancer. Alicen became her mother’s primary caregiver, and her mother is now in remission. Alicen enjoys making jewelry and gifting it to residents and co-workers. She also loves spending time with her children.

Allison Satterwhite
2020 Employee of the Year
The Oaks of West Kettering

Kind and patient, Allison is a very experienced STNA. Throughout the past difficult year, Allison has worked various shifts and hours to help us whenever there was a need. Often Allison would offer, “what do you need me to do to help?” Residents and family members ask for her by name. She encourages residents to participate in their care, adds Quality to Life, and gives residents meaning and purpose.

The Oaks of West Kettering is fortunate to have Allison on staff and looks forward to her staying onboard when she finishes her nursing degree. Allison is one in a million.

Lindsey Dewees
2020 Employee of the Year
Capital Health Home Care Ashtabula

Lindsey has been an exceptional part of the Ashtabula team for a little more than a year. She has previously received recognition for her leadership skills. Lindsey is an active QAPI committee member and is an excellent preceptor when training new team members. You can always find her with a smile on her face. She is friendly and kind to all. Her patients and her co-workers enjoy working with her.

Lindsey is very crafty and enjoys arts and crafts with her children: Noah, Parker, and Josie. She loves baking and spending time outside.

Debra Kovacs
2020 Employee of the Year
Capital Health Home Care Dayton/Hospice

Deb is a great team member and a resource for her colleagues. As an RN, Deb provides exceptional care and goes above & beyond for her patients. Deb’s concern for her patients’ welfare shows through during weekend visits to assist the weekend nurse and ensure patients are provided the care they need. 

Her coworkers recognize her dedication and patient-focus as well as her efforts in managing weekend visits. Patients and coworkers have had many compliments regarding Deb’s performance and cheerful personality. Capital Health Home Care is thrilled to celebrate Deb as our 2020 Employee of the Year.

Deb enjoys baking, spending time with her family, and having a nice dinner with her husband.

Jacki Sciulli
2020 Employee of the Year
Capital Health Home Care Dublin

Jacki has worked as the Director of Nursing at our agency for 7 ½ years. Jacki keeps her cool and always is thinking of out-of-the-box solutions. Jacki gives her opinion and is also able to go along with the final decision. She has respect for hierarchy, which can be rare. We appreciate Jacki’s husband, Kevin, who volunteers to drive or drop anyone off if they cannot come to the office due to inclement weather.

Jacki is involved with her church and in youth activities. She enjoys scrapbooking and spending time at her lake house.

Cory Littrell
2020 Employee of the Year
Capital Health Home Care Steubenville/West Virginia

Cory has been with our agency since 1989. Cory is our Employee of the Year because of her great customer service skills, welcoming personality, and dedication to Capital Health.

When she’s not at work, Cory enjoys spending time with her fiancé, Mike, and their friends. She loves to dance, play cards, go fishing and go for hikes to enjoy nature.

Timi Ademodi
2020 Employee of the Year
Capital Health Home Care Concierge

Timi is the embodiment of our Values at work. Timi is a leader and one of the first caregivers who trains new staff. Respect is very evident in the way she communicates with our office and with whomever she interacts.

Timi’s compassion can be seen in the little things, from taking an extra minute or two to make sure a client has a fresh glass of water before she leaves her shift to helping someone figure out a new cell phone or remote control. Gratitude can be found in Timi through her quick smile and a “thank you.”

Pam Cooke
2020 Employee of the Year
Capital Health Care Network

Pam was amazing while handling her HR responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. She managed daily communication, including weekends and holidays. She was always available, receptive, and consistent in her directive and messaging while exhibiting fair leadership with understanding and compassion.

February Employees of the Month

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Carriage Inn of Dayton - Kathy Shepherd

Carriage Inn of Steubenville - Mary Lou Gray

Gables Care Center - Natalie Dodds

Meadows of Cadiz - Anita Peterson

Meadows of Scioto - Tonya Richardson

Shiloh Springs Care Center - Gretchen Lane

Sunnyslope Care Center - Jodi Bracken-Tubaugh

The Oaks of West Kettering - Anthony Smith

Home Care-Ashtabula - Samuel Torres

Home Care-Dayton - Jeremy Knight

Home Care-Dublin - Sherri Andes

Home Care-Steubenville - Nicole Zorne

Home Care Concierge - Monica Burbridge

Capital Health Home Office - Mandy Craig

December Values at Work Winners

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Carriage Inn of Dayton - Tim Tidwell

Carriage Inn of Steubenville - Nikki Herrick

Gables Care Center - Saleshe May

Meadows of Cadiz - Anita Peterson

Meadows of Scioto - Kenneth Meade

Shiloh Springs Care Center - Narleski Cranford

Sunnyslope Care Center - April Hocker

The Oaks of West Kettering - Nyah Birdsong

Home Care-Ashtabula - Machelle Emery

Home Care-Dayton - Beth Ames

Home Care-Dublin - Kathy Ingram

Home Care-Steubenville - Heather Bowers

Home Care Concierge - Heidi Russell

Capital Health Home Office - Brandon Sorrell