Independent Living

Independent Living

Capital Health Senior Living – Because Every Chapter Counts

Independent living communities provide a solution for active seniors looking to enjoy a new phase of life with more leisure time, fewer chores and freedom from the burden of home-maintenance, yard work and property taxes. Residents are either able to live fully independent or safety at home with some homecare assistance. At Capital Health Care Network, we offer independent living for seniors as part of our continuum of care where residents have preferential access to our healthcare options, including home health care, assisted living and skilled nursing communities, should they ever need them.

Choosing the Right Independent Living Community

Choosing the right retirement community, whether you are looking for free-standing villas that resemble single-family homes or senior apartment living, is a major decision. The same concerns that came into play when choosing previous homes still apply. It is important to find the right home, in the right neighborhood – at the right price. You will also want to be sure to find the right services and amenities with provisions for the possibility of future healthcare needs.?

  • Is the community conveniently located with nearby shopping, banking, etc?
  • Is the community easy to access so that family and friends can visit?
  • Does the community provide a sense of trust and security? Do you feel safe?
  • Does the community offer an array of engaging activities?
  • Is the community adequate in terms of space, storage, parking, etc?
  • Is the community affordable?
  • Is the community part of a larger continuum with provisions for future healthcare needs?

Tour to Be Sure

Capital Health Care Network encourages and welcomes tours – both scheduled and unscheduled. Touring a senior living community at different times of day provides a truer, more comprehensive view of how things work within the community. Pay special attention to how the staff and residents interact. Do folks seem to be on a first name basis with one another? Do they seem to like one another? Does there seem to be a sense of community amongst the residents? Do not hesitate to ask questions as they occur to you. Touring will help you be more in the know and feel better prepared to make your move to retirement living.