Barbie Elliott

Barbie Elliott | Administrative Assistant

Why did you choose a career path in senior healthcare?
I have always found myself to be more at ease around older adults. I feel our seniors have so much to offer. Everyone should stop, listen and hug at least one senior daily.

Name your best work moment.
We rented the entire swim park for a group of our seniors for the afternoon. When we pulled up in front of this park the swim park announces that a private party has rented the pool so everyone out! The look on those young faces as they were leaving the water park and the looks on my residents as we are going into the water park just priceless. Each one of my residents had on a swimsuit and got into the water. It was like they were 15 again, laughing and splashing.

What do you look most forward to at work?
Making someone smile, helping our seniors live life to the fullest.

Name some of your favorite things to do outside of work.
I love crafting, shopping in Amish country, and spending time with family and friends.