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Reviews & Testimonials

Patient Feedback

"As a family member and guardian of a resident at Sunnyslope, I can't say enough positive statements about the facility. The people adopt your family member as one of their own not just a client. They care for them with the love and compassion that you would provide if you were able.
Your mind in set at ease when you are not there that they are being provided for with the same kindness and consideration to which they are accustom to by family. If you are long distance be rest assured that the phone care counseling sessions will keep you informed and up to date on the care being provided while you are away. I highly recommend Sunnyslope Care Center, the caring staff and administration."

 -- Anthe V., Family Member

"Moving my mom to Sunnyslope Care Center after a major health scare in November 2014 turned out to be the best decision we ever made. Although she was a very independent person all of her life, her declining health in the previous few years made living alone difficult and worrisome. Once she was surrounded by a caring and attentive staff, she realized it was where she wanted to stay. This was her home until she succumbed to her illness in January 2016. I am very grateful to Sunnyslope Care Center for giving her the contentment and happiness she so deserved during the last year of her life."

 -- Sue M., Family Member

Our experience here at Sunnyslope Care Center with Blue Sky Therapy has been very successful. They have treated us very well and showed us how well they know how to handle our condition, in a professional manner.

When my wife came here she was unable to walk and very weak. She is now able to walk with her walker and pull herself up from a chair. With their help and exercise I have gotten stronger as my stay here has progressed. They have been very passionate and caring. We have enjoyed our time under their care."

 -- Jack & Marge O., Residents

Employee Feedback

"Working at Sunnyslope Care Center has been a wonderful experience. The employees truly care about the residents, and treat each other like family."

 -- Laura P., RN