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Reviews & Testimonials

Referring Facilities Feedback

"Scioto Community is very welcoming to us as an outside vendor. We feel included in facility activities and included as a Scioto Community team member. The communication regarding patients needs are invaluable. They recognize when patient is in need of hospice service and contact us immediately. Staff is extremely helpful to our staff when we are in their building."

 -- Stephanie Ward, Hospice Specialist / Kindred at Home-Hospice

Physician Feedback

"Patient care, healing and rehabilitation are the focus of the clinical team at Scioto Community. The Director of Nursing and clinical team put in great effort to ensure that residents receive the highest quality of care. Scioto Community has an outstanding therapy department that provides a full range of therapies and motivates residents to exceed their goals. Physician and nurse practitioners routinely help achieve excellent patient outcomes by attending to the medical needs of residents."

 -- Daniel Miller, MD

Patient Feedback

"I admitted my mother into Scioto Community long term care in December. She is ninety-two years old and it was a very hard decision for us to make. We have been very happy from day one. Everyone we have come in contact with has gone our of their way to help my mother feel welcome. Whenever I call to ask a question or visit, I am treated in a warm and friendly manner. It feels wonderful to know my mother is in the hands of such kind and professional people. I would highly recommend this place to anyone for their loved ones."

 -- Marianne M., Family Member

"I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to all the staff that helped me during my stay at Scioto Community. The staff made me feel welcome and helped with all my needs. The nurses were timely with the medications and were very attentive. the therapy staff did a good job motivating me, so I can leave stronger! You truly made me feel like I was at home. I would recommend Scioto Community to anyone needing care."

 -- Marian B., Patient

"My sister has frontotemporal dementia and finding the right care for her was, of course, very important to me. I did a search online, looking for a neighborhood style center that was easily accessible to our family in this large metropolis. Scioto Community was at once appealing as an up to date and professional environment. We scheduled an admissions interview and tour which turned out to be a very friendly and enjoyable experience--making us feel right at home. The serenity and pleasantness of the people and building sold me right away as the right place for my sister. We were able to get the paperwork and approval process done very quickly. After moving in and getting settled, my sister told me several times, "Everyone here really loves you!" In just two weeks, she was able to get out of her chair and move around more easily than before. She has activities and therapists that she truly enjoys. She has choices, such as where she wants to eat and freedom to walk around about. She has a lovely roommate who looks after her and makes her laugh! What a blessing Scioto Community is to us. The staff's willingness to meet our needs gives us great peace of mind. Scioto is just like family."

 -- Karen D., Family Member

Employee Feedback

"I love my job at Scioto Community and find it to be very rewarding. I love interacting with the residents and their family members. They have become like family to me. I try my best to bring as much cheer to them as possible."

 -- Debbie F., Receptionist

"When people ask me how I am, I always say "living the dream!" Seriously, how can I not be? I work in a great environment here at Scioto Community, going on TEN years! We are one BIG family, including residents, staff and families. I truly enjoy it!"

 -- Nancy R., RN

"I enjoy working at Scioto Community because of our patients, their families and my coworkers each day. I have the pleasure of getting to know new patients and their families and helping them thru the process of healing in our rehabilitation unit or moving into our long term care. We treat everyone that walks thru the front door like family because that is what they quickly become to all of us. My grandma has lived here for 6 years now in our Dementia/Alzheimer’s Unit and it’s a wonderful feeling to know that she is well taken care of and loved when I go home. Each person I meet, makes me a better person and I really enjoy being part of such a crucial and sometimes difficult step in their lives. My compassion runs deep because I have been in their shoes. Our staff welcomes everyone with open arms and makes the transition as easy and positive as possible. "

 -- Dee B., Patient Care Navigator