Meadows of SciotoOn-Site Direct Dialysis Care

THERE’S A BETTER TREATMENT OPTION – If you or someone you love is a dialysis patient and you need skilled nursing support, Scioto Community now has a solution designed with you in mind! Our On-Site Direct Dialysis Care is a more convenient, effective, gentler treatment option.

Benefits of this Comfort Care Model include:

  • Reduction in Fluid Overload
  • Recovery Times Averages Less than One Hour
  • Reduced Risk of Hospitalization or Re-Hospitalization
  • More Tolerable Solution Making Rehab Progress Possible
  • Reduction in Medications
  • Disease Management including CHF, Hypertension and Anemia Reduced Risk of Infection
  • One-Stop-Shop / No More Transportation Nightmares

We will work in collaboration with your nephrologist to coordinate care and physician oversight making for better outcomes.

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