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Reviews & Testimonials

Physician Feedback

"I have had the distinct pleasure of working in the capacity of a consultant providing inpatient cardiac and vascular consultation for residents at Carriage Inn of Dayton.

Having worked at other Nursing Home and Long Term facilities, it is easy to see why these facilities are so much more successful. They have very good nursing teams which provide collaborative and comprehensive care. From the time of admission to discharge, personalized attention to details in regard their medical needs while providing a wholesome environment has been their strong suit. Besides personalized attention I was amazed at the processes they have in place which allows for efficiency at a much lower cost. Their outcomes and patient satisfaction scores continue to validate their effort. I look forward to working at these facilities and know that the patient care provided through my consultations will be further enhanced by the diligent follow through of all concerned in the care of the patient."

 -- Anil H. Jhangiani, MD

Patient Feedback

"Everyone was amazing! I could go on and on about how wonderful everyone was to my mother. I would give you 6 stars if I could! We will definitely be back if we need your services in the future. I wouldn't take my mom anywhere else but to Carriage Inn of Dayton. Thank you so much for the wonderful care you provided to her!"

 -- Alzenia, Family Member

"The staff was very caring and assertive to my needs! The therapy was very good. We used every resource nessecery to get me walking and to meet my goals. I would definitely come back if I needed therapy services."

 -- Danada, Patient

"Everything was great! The people nice the food was wonderful and the rehab was very helpful. Gave me the strength and confidence to go home. It was very rewarding! I would come back again and recommend Carriage Inn of Dayton."

 -- Henry, Patient

"I was treated with respect and understanding of my needs during my stay at Carriage Inn of Dayton. The staff down to the nurses were all very helpful and willing to do what was necessary to make my stay more comfortable. The therapy department focused on my needs to help prepare me for my transition back to home. The nurses (Barb) were excellent! Hat's off to the chef as well. I would truly recommend Carriage Inn of Dayton to everyone. I love you guys and will truly miss all of you."

 -- Rhonda B., Patient

"When I arrived at Carriage Inn of Dayton I could barely walk. With the help of the therapy team, I was able to get back on feet and began to walk better. During my stay, I met some very nice and caring people. I am very thankful for all the help they gave me."

 -- JoAnn W., Patient

Employee Feedback

"The work I do is very rewarding and I feel like I have made an impact each day. The team at Carriage Inn of Dayton is like a big family, always willing help you learn and grow within your job. I love my job and interacting with resident and families everyday."

 -- D. Tee