Aqua Therapy

Aquatic Therapy

Aqua Therapy

(water therapy) is another example of how we use the latest most up to date resources to help patients in their rehabilitation.  

Put your rehab on the fast track with Aqua Therapy.

If you're recovering from surgery, injury, or cardiovascular procedures, aqua therapy could be the ideal rehab solution. Our friendly, skilled therapists know how to help you use high intensity, low impact underwater walking to get stronger faster. As with all of our rehabilitation protocols, our team works with you like you're a member of their own family.  All the equipment in the world is only as good as the people helping you use it to get better.  Our team cares and you'll feel better about your rehab and your progress.

The Benefits of Aqua Therapy

  • Begin rehab earlier
  • Get stronger faster
  • Improve endurance sooner

What To Do
Ask your physician to write orders for PT Eval and Treatment Gait Disturbance. This code will be submitted to your insurance company.

Aqua Therapy is available in central, east and west Ohio locations: