“We respect others and the contributions they make and will treat them with dignity.” 

Gables Care Center – Rodney Ruthem
Sunnyslope Care Center – Linda Smallwood
Shiloh Springs Care Center – Latasha Erwin & Shirley Shepherd
Scioto Community – Rebecca Holland
The Oaks of West Kettering – Royse Lynch
Carriage Inn of Cadiz – Bev Lawver
Carriage Inn of Dayton – Princess Blackford
Carriage Inn of Steubenville – Kim Blake
Capital Health Home Care-Ashtabula – Erin Williams
Capital Health Home Care-Dayton – Laura Barth
Capital Health Home Care-Dublin – Chris Temple
Capital Health Home Care-Steubenville – Mary Mahew
Capital Health Home Care Concierge – Timi Ademodi
Corporate – Jodie Grove


“We will inspire others to set high standards.” 

Gables Care Center – Natalie Dodds
Sunnyslope Care Center – Valotta Billman
Scioto Community – Krystal Calahan
Shiloh Springs Care Center – Deonna Chambers
The Oaks of West Kettering – Grace Smith
Carriage Inn of Cadiz – Patty Smith
Carriage Inn of Dayton – Allison Holl
Carriage Inn of Steubenville – Debbie Oinonen
Capital Health Home Care-Ashtabula – Denise Barbian
Capital Health Home Care-Dayton – Jennifer Shade
Capital Health Home Care-Dublin – Toni Shreves
Capital Health Home Care-Steubenville – Bill Brown
Capital Health Home Care Concierge – Monica Peprah
Corporate – Josh Huff


“Awareness of the hurts of others and wanting to relieve it.” 

Gables Care Center – Erin Weaver
Sunnyslope Care Center – Teresa Neitzel
Scioto Community – Dale Ellison
Shiloh Springs Care Center – Kasey Fox
The Oaks of West Kettering – Felichia Kelly
Carriage Inn of Cadiz – Barbara Elliot
Carriage Inn of Steubenville – Chelsea Bonnet
Carriage Inn of Dayton – Brittany Maye
Capital Health Home Care-Ashtabula – Terri McConnell
Capital Health Home Care-Dayton – Nicole Nock
Capital Health Home Care-Dublin – Trina Lacey
Capital Health Home Care-Steubenville – Stacy Lucas
Capital Health Home Care Concierge – Ya Liang
Corporate – Jana Smith

ASHTABULA, Ohio – CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) designated Capital Health Home Care in Ashtabula four and a half stars for clinical outcomes and four stars for patient satisfaction in October of 2016.  According to these ratings, Capital Health Home Care in Ashtabula provided a higher standard of care than most Medicare-certified homecare agencies for the reporting period from April of 2015 to March of 2016.

Home health care agencies differ greatly in the quality of care they provide. “We embrace the need to constantly be improving upon quality of care including clinical outcomes and a positive patient experience,” says Kara Bernsen, Owner & Chief of Network Development at Capital Health Care Network.

View Our Press Release Here


It takes a team to get where you are. We are grateful for our clinicians for their efforts and care they provide our patients!

Congrats to our Dublin Agency for being the first to meet 11 of 11 Quality Outcomes!

Congrats to our Dayton Agency for becoming the first to be a 5 star in Patient Satisfaction!

Congrats to our Ashtabula Agency for being 4.5 out of 5 star in Patient Care!


“To hold others in high esteem or honor.” 

Scioto Community – Wendy Orton
Gables Care Center – Alana Thompson
Sunnyslope Care Center – Wesley Cox
Shiloh Springs Care Center – Debra Houston
The Oaks of West Kettering – Victoria Robertson
Carriage Inn of Steubenville – Mary Lou Gray
Carriage Inn of Dayton – Cory Gibson
Capital Health Home Care-Ashtabula – Rebecca Candow
Capital Health Home Care-Dublin – Wilma Haught-Sherrad
Capital Health Home Care-Dayton – Tonya Snyder
Capital Health Home Care Concierge – Zahra Ismail
Corporate – Bryan Asher

“The way to develop the best in a person is by appreciation and encouragement.” 

Scioto Community – Kieya Burrell
Gables Care Center – Erin Weaver
Sunnyslope Care Center – Teresa Neitzel
Shiloh Springs Care Center – Arthur Freeman
The Oaks of West Kettering – Donald Tackett
Carriage Inn of Cadiz – William Cogar
Carriage Inn of Steubenville – Samantha Kovach
Carriage Inn of Dayton – Rebecca Harding
Capital Health Home Care-Ashtabula – Denyse Farrar
Capital Health Home Care-Dayton – Tracie Daniels
Capital Health Home Care-Dublin – Sheri Large
Capital Health Home Care-Steubenville – Brenda Greathouse
Home Care Concierge – Janet Aidoo
Corporate – Kara Claytor

Congratulations to Megan Koniski who retains her crown as our top salesperson for the month of September.  Megan earned 42.5 points with a MCR mix of 67% including 34 MCR referrals.  Megan is definitely a driving force in the success of her agency but she also has the support of an administrator who participates in sales and an intake specialist who is all about getting the job done!