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Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Millie Bonetta
Gables Care Center: Stacie Virtue
Meadows of Cadiz: Jesse Dean
Scioto Community: Deborah Fairchild
Sunnyslope Care Center: Victoria France
The Oaks of West Kettering: Liz Murray
Home Care Ashtabula: Phyllis Savel
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Mariah Johnson
Home Care Dublin: Mimi Filipova
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Amy Kosikowski
Home Care Concierge: Danielle Daniels

Capital Health Care Network: Jodie Grove

Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Vicki Kirk
Gables Care Center: Renee Krantz
Meadows of Cadiz: Megan Bishop
Scioto Community: Zechariah Grimm
Sunnyslope Care Center: Denise Whittaker
The Oaks of West Kettering: Molly Egleston
Home Care Ashtabula: Donna Stamper
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Wes Rosencrans
Home Care Dublin: Hang Nguyen
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Nicole Zorne
Home Care Concierge: Vida Boatey

Capital Health Care Network: Stacey Gerami

Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Londa Wade
Gables Care Center: Tyler McAfee
Meadows of Cadiz: Elle Wurshum
Scioto Community: Gary Stevens
Sunnyslope Care Center: Bethany Kimble
The Oaks of West Kettering: Christina Young
Home Care Ashtabula: Leanne Neal
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Appelonia Frame
Home Care Dublin: Olivia Sciulli
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Patricia Mathews-Brown
Home Care Concierge: Julie Harris

Capital Health Care Network: Chris Galoski

Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Matt Betz
Gables Care Center: David Hilliard

Meadows of Cadiz: Edith Toole
Scioto Community: Jueanina Z Grimm
Sunnyslope Care Center: April Hocker
The Oaks of West Kettering: Tippannie Adams
Home Care Ashtabula: Machelle Emery
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Elizabeth Ames
Home Care Dublin: Julie Harris
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Necole Hritz
Home Care Concierge: Lambert Wanyam

Capital Health Care Network: Sarah Safreed

No objective test for PD exists. PD is more common in people age 60+. Talk to your doctor if you have two or more of the following:

1. Tremor – Have you noticed a slight shaking in your finger, thumb, hand, or chin? A tremor while at rest is a common early sign of PD.

2. Small Handwriting – Has your handwriting gotten much smaller than it used to? A change may be a sign of PD.

3. Loss of Smell – Have you noticed you no longer smell certain foods very well? If you have trouble smelling foods like bananas, pickles, or licorice, ask your doctor about PD.

4. Trouble Sleeping – Do you thrash in bed or act out dreams when you are asleep? Sudden movement during sleep may be a sign of PD.

5. Trouble Moving/Walking – Do your body, arms, or legs feel stiff? it doesn’t go away, it can be a PD sign.

6. Constipation – Do you have trouble moving your bowels without straining?

7. Soft/Low Voice – Have others told you that your voice is very soft or that you sound hoarse?

8. Masked Face – Have you been told that you have a serious, depressed, or mad look, even when not in a bad mood? This is called facial masking.

9. Dizziness or Fainting – Do you notice that you often feel dizzy when standing up? Feeling dizzy or fainting can link to PD.

10. Stooping or Hunching Over – Are you not standing as upright as you used to? Stooping, leaning, or slouching when you stand may be a sign of PD.

Early detection helps because it provides a better opportunity to learn how to manage symptoms and maybe even slow progression.


Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: James Bell
Gables Care Center: Brenda Clark

Meadows of Cadiz: Lorri Chesla
Scioto Community: Anika Burgess
Sunnyslope Care Center: Justin Moore
The Oaks of West Kettering: Allison Satterwhite

Home Care Ashtabula: Raechel Jarvis
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Tracy Cadwell
Home Care Dublin: Mimi Filipova
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Alexandria Kellermier
Home Care Concierge: Emily Haverfield

Capital Health Care Network: Betty Oda

While last year continued to present many challenges, our staff remained committed to providing the best care to help seniors age on their own terms.

Each month, we honor an employee at our each of communities and agencies for going above & beyond to embody our Values:

  • Compassion – We approach others with an open heart and understanding.
  • Leadership – We will inspire others to set high standards.
  • Respect – We respect others and the contributions they make and will treat them with dignity.
  • Gratitude – We are grateful for the responsibility and opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of senior adults.

Our 2021 Employees of the Year are a group of amazing, talented, and wonderful individuals who stood out in the impact they had on our residents, patients, clients, and colleagues.

Miranda Brown, LPNEmployee of the year, Miranda Brown

2021 Employee of the Year

Carriage Inn of Steubenville/House

Miranda was nominated for Employee of the Year by her peers because she has the kindest soul. She is always willing to jump in and help wherever it is needed. She is dedicated to her job and this facility to the fullest, regularly exceeding the expectations of her residents and fellow staff. Miranda is one of the best there is! She is always in motion, caring for someone with a bright smile on her face. Miranda is truly caring and will do whatever she can to make things happen. She is amazing!

Miranda has been with us as an LPN since 2018 and has dedicated her life to caring for others as if they were her own family. We are truly blessed to have Miranda on the Carriage Inn of Steubenville team.


Debbie Geanangel, LPNEmployee of the Year, Debbie

2021 Employee of the Year

Gables Care Center

Debbie is exceptional at assisting our staff, residents, family members, and other visitors. She strives to provide excellent customer service and quality of care, and she is a hardworking, dedicated team player.

Debbie has worked as an LPN at Gables for 26 years. She was the first nurse hired at Gables. Debbie strives to promote teamwork within our center, taking pride in her position and assisting anyone at any time.

We would like to thank Debbie for all she has done for our community and residents. Debbie is truly a staff role model and a huge asset to our center. Congratulations, Debbie, for being named our 2021 Employee of the Year.


Debbie Cassels

2021 Employee of the YearEmployee of the Year, Debbie

Meadows of Cadiz

Debbie has been an employee with the Meadows of Cadiz since 1996.

As one of our housekeeping staff, Debbie is the most outgoing and friendly employee at the Meadows of Cadiz. She takes pride in her job and will do anything to help anyone. Debbie interacts and talks with the residents while completing her duties and the residents love her.

She is always one of the first ones to offer help. Thank you, Debbie!


Tonya Richardson

2021 Employee of the YearEmployee of the Year Tonya

Scioto Community

Tonya has been with Scioto Community’s Housekeeping/Laundry team for 19 years. We are grateful Tonya stepped up as a supervisor during our staffing shortage. Tonya puts our residents and their needs first.

Tonya always has a smile on her face and is one of the first to respond when we need help. Tonya goes the extra mile for her staff. She has provided them food several times as a way of showing her appreciation.

Tonya is the type of team member that all Administrators value because she makes their job a little easier. Congratulations to Tonya being named Scioto Community’s 2021 Employee of the Year!


Deanna PulleyEmployee of the Year, Deanna

2021 Employee of the Year

Sunnyslope Care Center

Deanna is a very hard-working individual who goes above and beyond what is asked of her each day with no hesitation at all. Her outgoing, spunky, fun, loving, energetic, caring, and bubbly personality is like no other. Deanna’s happiness rubs off on all her coworkers and residents. She is the first to lend a hand to help with anything.

One thing that makes Deanna so special is that she takes the time to sit down and talk to each resident while she cleans their rooms and common areas. She is the first to come in with no hesitation on her day off to help. There is no one like Deanna; we are so glad to have her with us at Sunnyslope Care Center and would like to thank her for all that she has done for our community and residents.


Tameka Reeves

2021 Employee of the YearEmployee of the Year, Tameka

The Oaks of West Kettering

Tameka goes above and beyond her daily job duties, helping all departments in need. We are excited for Tameka as she recently accepted a hard-earned corporate position as Capital Health’s Regional Recruiting Manager. While we are very proud of Tameka’s accomplishments, she will be greatly missed at The Oaks of West Kettering, where she spent 13 years committed to our community, residents, and staff team.

Congratulations and good luck, Tameka! The Oaks wishes you the best in moving forward with all your future endeavors.


Patty Caskey, LPNEmployee of the Year, Patty

2021 Employee of the Year

Home Care Ashtabula

Patty has been on our Ashtabula team for 10+ years and she is truly a wonderful asset and team member. Patty is friendly and kind to all. She provides exceptional care to her patients, pays close attention to detail, and is a true advocate for her patients. Her hard work does not go unnoticed.


Jeremy “Jay” Knight, RNEmployee of the Year, Jay

2021 Employee of the Year

Home Care Dayton

Jay is an RN we can count on to pick up a Start of Care or Visit whenever we ask to ensure our patients promptly receive excellent care. Jay joined our team in Dayton two years ago and has received numerous kudos from his patients, who have said Jay is professional, friendly, and caring. Jay is a military veteran and loves that he can care for fellow veterans and watch them improve.


Mindy Powell, RN

2021 Employee of the YearEmployee of the Year, Mindy

Home Care Dublin

Mindy is a newer nurse to our team, but she has already received so many kudos from her patients, as well as high praise from a physician for the excellent care she provided. “She is doing a great job in getting the wounds healed,” said the physician.

Our patients regularly give us positive feedback. “Mindy is top-notch,” one patient said. “I always look forward to seeing her.” And another said, “I am very happy with my nurse, Mindy.”

Her patients and Capital Health Home Care staff appreciate Mindy’s personality and smile. She has been a great addition to our already wonderful team. Thank you, Mindy! We are grateful for all you do for us and your patients.


Kelli Christian

2021 Employee of the YearEmployee of the Year, Kelli

Home Care Steubenville/WV

Kelli is our Intake Referral specialist and has been with us since 2016. Kelli has been a stabilizing force in our office during staff changes. Kelli has a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of experience in her role;
she has even traveled across the state to help train a new intake specialist.

“Kelli has her act together and is a great team player. She is always willing to take on extra tasks when help is needed,” said Kelli’s colleague. She does an exceptional job communicating with family members, MD offices, and staff. Kelli is our go-to girl. Thank you, Kelli. We appreciate you!


Monica BurbridgeEmployee of the Year, Monica

2021 Employee of the Year

Home Care Concierge

From the very beginning of Monica’s time with us, starting in August 2020, she has demonstrated nothing but grace and compassion for not only her clients and clients’ families, but also her coworkers, office staff, and the staff at any facility where she works.

Monica always has an infectious smile and a positive attitude. When one of Monica’s clients moved from their private residence to an assisted living facility, she was there throughout their move to ensure a smooth transition.

This move involved a lot of hours, and the client was nervous. Through Monica’s calming reassurance and the great trust they developed, the client ended up feeling comfortable and safe in their new home.

It has been a joy to work with Monica and Home Care Concierge is grateful to have her on our team.


Tessa Houdieshell

2021 Employee of the YearEmployee of the year, Tessa

Capital Health Care Network

We’ve been lucky to have Tessa as our Receptionist at the Capital Health Corporate office since 2015. She is an expert at handling our incoming calls and greets visitors with a smile and a kind voice.

Tessa was promoted to Administrative Assistant/Office Manager in 2021. She has learned many new skills in her new role and further honed previous ones. With this growth, she has become more indispensable to our corporate office staff.

Her nomination ballots show why she is our Employee of the Year:

  •  One nomination describes Tessa as being friendly to their department and acting as their ‘first line of defense.’ “She has shared in all of our burdens, especially over these past couple of years, which have been particularly hard on us all. Tessa greets everyone with a friendly demeanor and never has a problem helping others. Quite frankly, I don’t know how she does it, but I’m glad she does.”
  •  “She is hardworking yet always has a positive attitude,” said another colleague. “Tessa is a real pleasure to work with as she sets a positive, welcoming tone for the office while also making everyone’s jobs easier. If anyone is deserving of more recognition, it’s definitely her.”
  • “I nominate Tessa for employee of the year, because she handles every incoming call and all of our packages, making our jobs easier and she deserves recognition for it.”

There is a common message in her nominations that speaks to how she performs her job in a kind, helpful, competent, dependable manner. This is why she is our Employee of the Year. Congratulations, Tessa – you earned it!

Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Hailey Hare
Gables Care Center: Deborah Geanangel

Meadows of Cadiz: Barbie Elliott
Scioto Community: Thomas Chelwick
Sunnyslope Care Center: Christine Barnett
The Oaks of West Kettering: Amber Bowen

Home Care Ashtabula: Patty Caskey
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Elizabeth Ames
Home Care Dublin: Courtney Starr
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Judy Macaluso
Home Care Concierge: Joseph Nyarko

Capital Health Care Network: Brandon Sorrell

Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Jenn Eddy
Gables Care Center: Josie Reed

Meadows of Cadiz: Casandra Niggemyer
Scioto Community: Robby Richardson
Sunnyslope Care Center: Kathy Hancock
The Oaks of West Kettering: Tameka Reeves

Home Care Ashtabula: Julie Shulman
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Danyelle Alexander
Home Care Dublin: Wilma Haught
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Necole Hritz
Home Care Concierge: Mijahnae Cox

Capital Health Care Network: Pam Cooke 


Carriage Inn of Steubenville/Carriage House: Seth Demos
Gables Care Center: Melissa Weaver
Meadows of Cadiz: Cathy Dillon
Scioto Community: Anika Burgess
Sunnyslope Care Center: Mary Wolfe
The Oaks of West Kettering: Angelicia Thompson

Home Care Ashtabula: Melissa Wright
Home Care Dayton/Hospice: Wesley Rosencrans
Home Care Dublin: Tatiana Allen
Home Care Steubenville/WV: Kelli Christian
Home Care Concierge: Diana Ampadu

Capital Health Care Network: Richard Sorrell