Kendra Thomas

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Kendra Thomas's HeadshotKendra Thomas | Manager

Why did you choose a career path in senior healthcare?
I love to work the seniors in our community. The knowledge that they can impart and the life lessons they can teach us is invaluable. Helping them gives me a sense of purpose. If I can help, make their day a little better then my job was done well.

Name your best work moment.
My best work moments are when we hear that our clients are happy and love the caregivers. The clients are the reason we do what we do and when we get it right, there is a sense of pride.

What do you look most forward to at work?
I look forward to the changes of scheduling. It is like a big game of Tetris trying to get everything to fit together right. The caregivers are the backbone of Concierge; without them there is no reason for me to be here in the office. Make them happy, and, in turn, they make the clients happy.

Name some of your favorite things to do outside of work.
I love spending time with my family. My youngest son is a wrestler so any Saturday during the winter months you will find me in a gym cheering him on. During the summer and fall we love to camp and swim. I love to help at church, be it running the lights, checking in the littles to junior church or vacation bible school.