This Is What Fully Vaccinated Seniors Need To Do

5/12/2021 4:52:00 PM

We're going to talk about what seniors should do once they've been vaccinated.

Dr. Ronan M. Factora is a geriatrician in Cleveland, Ohio and is affiliated with Cleveland Clinic. As he states, "now we're starting to see solutions to how we can get back to normal. And one of those interventions, one of the solutions does include vaccination. 00:03:08.760
we should take advantage of this because we all want to get back to the type of life that we were living before the pandemic."

Do you think we will do you think we'll get back to normal?

"I know that there's going to be changes. And, you know, normal is a relative term. I guess the goal is to get closer to normal because it doesn't sound like we're going to get rid of coronavirus."

Dr. Factora goes a bit deeper to help us understand the term "bubble" in relation to who we can come in contact with.

"Everyone has their bubble and then there's different different kind of terms for the bubble for sure. You have the bubble of the people who live underneath your own household. You know, where everyone's been at. But some people have expanded that bubble to include close friends and family that they know have been, you know, really limited in terms of where they go. So if you're very well aware of the whereabouts and the goings on of friends and family who they've been in contact with, where they've gone to, then you can have confidence that they're not going to be bringing in coronavirus from some other location outside of that bubble that we're talking about."

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