The Importance of Family Owned And Operated

3/10/2021 9:14:00 AM

What does it really mean, family owned and operated?

Capital Health Care Network celebrates 40 years in business in 2021. My guest are sisters (and daughters) of the original owners, Bob and Lynn Huff. Sarah Manning, Chief of Community Design and Kara Bernsen, Chief of Network Development.

Kara and Sarah cover how their parents started the business started 40 years ago, and how over the decades has come to change to meet the demands and challenges of serving our older adult population.

What is most important to them are these four values...

Compassion: We approach others with an open heart and understanding.
Leadership: We will inspire others to set high standards.
Respect: We respect others and the contributions they make and will treat them with dignity.
Gratitude: We are grateful for the responsibility and opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of senior adults.

Coupled with the mission of seniors...

Enjoying a safe environment
Receiving quality healthcare
Gaining opportunities for spiritual, social and intellectual engagement

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Aging In Full Bloom is sponsored by Capital Health Care Network, an Ohio based, family owned and operated company, providing solutions that help seniors age on their own terms. Those solutions include home care, senior living, nursing home and rehab care, and hospice. Learn more at

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