Being Dementia Capable to Make the Joy Rides Possible

6/30/2017 11:46:08 AM

There are two types of people in the world, those who would take a dementia patient for a joy ride and those who would say it’s a waste of gas. At Capital Health Home Care and Home Care Concierge , we want to make the joy rides possible. Our ... Read More..

Alzheimer’s Disease: A True Healthcare Crisis

6/16/2017 1:56:16 PM

We are at the onset of a healthcare crisis which will soon be recognized as an epidemic on all fronts. The number of Americans affected by the crisis is expected to more than triple by 2050. This mental illness already claims 5.5 million Americans an... Read More..

The Value of Transitional Care Planning

5/24/2017 10:10:47 AM

We introduced the Home Again Transitional Care Program in March of 2016 in an effort to offset breakdowns in care and communication between providers as our clients moved from acute care settings like hospitals and nursing homes to home. It’s worki... Read More..

Home Safety Equipment to Make Staying Home Possible

5/4/2017 2:00:14 PM

Your best opportunity to stay home safely or realize a full recovery at home is to receive the extra support and care you deserve.   Personal Emergency Response System This portabl... Read More..

The Dynamic Duo of Home Care & Telehealth

4/26/2017 8:55:03 AM

At Capital Health Home Care and Home Care Concierge, we recommend and promote the use of telehealth for all of our patients and clients. The ability to monitor vital signs, medication management and falls remotely and in real time provides us with an... Read More..

Aging In Full Bloom -- By Lisa Stockdale

4/21/2017 2:28:55 PM

"You owe it to yourself to live with your arms wide open greeting each new day as your own personal opportunity for growth, happiness and new beginnings." - L. Stockdale Open your eyes to the possibility of living out loud and aging in full b... Read More..

6 Key Vitamins & Nutrients for Proper Senior Nutrition

3/17/2017 8:35:41 AM

1. Folic Acid found in spinach, asparagus,
 breakfast cereals, and lentils. 2. B-12 found in turkey, salmon, crab,
 mussels, chicken, beef, eggs and milk. 3. Vitamin C found in oranges, grapefruits,
 strawberries, tomatoes, sweet red
 peppe... Read More..

Understanding Senior Nutrition

3/10/2017 12:51:11 PM

Older adults are negatively impacted by poor eating habits and a lack of nutritional understanding for seniors. Understanding the changing nutritional needs of older adults is critical due to the overlap of several age-related challenges. Seniors ha... Read More..

The Complexities of Chronic Pain for Older Adults

2/8/2017 8:32:53 PM

Chronic pain poses a significant problem for many seniors. Pain is incorrectly thought to be a natural or inevitable part of the aging process. Consequently, it is often under-reported and under-treated. Too often seniors do not report their pain be... Read More..

The Benefit of a Team Approach

2/8/2017 7:35:37 PM

The complexities of pain assessment, treatment and management in geriatric populations are best addressed with a multidisciplinary approach.   Physician’s attempts to alleviate chronic pain for seniors and the elderly are more likely to be succe... Read More..