Our TeamRacheal Mayhugh

Racheal Mayhugh | Director of Sales

Why did you choose a career path in senior healthcare?

Patients and families are at a vulnerable time in their life. It can be a decision of where they spend the rest of their life, or maybe where do they need to go for a couple weeks to get stronger and return home safely. It is truly rewarding to know you helped them through a difficult time, you put them at ease and made them feel comfortable with their decision. Not to mention, Seniors are the best story tellers and who doesn’t like a good story!

Name your best work moment.

I have many, but one in particular stands out. I helped a young gentleman who had a serious work injury, he was going to need weeks of Physical therapy and nursing care. I worked diligently with his insurance who didn’t want to approve him to come to us, going back and forth for over a week negotiating. I was determined this gentleman was going to come to Capital Healthcare Nursing and Rehabilitation and be a success story and that is exactly what happened.

What do you look most forward to at work?

Working with our staff to help share my knowledge of the industry and to promote positivity and solutions to potential barriers. Making people feel valued, respected and giving out compliments as often as I can. Most importantly, seeing our residents interact with the staff.

Favorite thing to do outside of work?

Listen to music, usually Miranda Lambert, reading a good book and spending time with my Doberman, Remington!