Our TeamLisa Brown

Lisa Brown, COO, Capital Health Care Network's Home Care, Hospice and Senior Living Division

Lisa Brown | Chief Operating Officer, Capital Health Care Network

Why did you choose a career path in senior healthcare?

When I was in nursing school one of my part time jobs was as a home health aide. You really do not get any introduction to home health care while in nursing school so this early job fortunately came my way and gave me that initial introduction. It was with this job early on that I found myself drawn to senior care healthcare. I knew that eventually I would work my way toward a career in senior healthcare and specifically home health care.

Name your best work moment.

I have so many “best” work moments over the past 26 years with Capital Health that it is very hard to choose the “best.” I would say that one of the best would be seeing some of our home care agencies achieve “Home Care Elite” status and even “One of the top 500 and top 100 home care agencies in the US” and being part of those accomplishments. I know how hard everyone must work as a team in order to achieve such distinction and it certainly has been a “best” moment for me.

What do you look most forward to at work?

I look forward to the challenges. I also look forward to helping people develop into their roles with us and share my knowledge. It is rewarding to me to be able to help others grow within the company as I myself have grown.

Name some of your favorite things to do outside of work.

One of my favorite things to do outside of work is to cook and try new recipes. I also love home improvement and home improvement shows/projects.