Juli Oatman

Juli Oatman | Clinical Informatics Educator

Why did you choose a career path in senior healthcare?
My aunt was like a second mom to me and she always encouraged me to become a nurse. Then in 2005 my perfectly healthy aunt was diagnosed with an untreatable stage four brain cancer. I was blessed with the gift of taking care of her daily during her illness. She didn’t live to see me graduate nursing school, but I’m sure she was with me the day I walked across the stage. She is the reason I’m a nurse today and the reason I have an interest in dementia and brain health.

Name your best work moment.
My best work moments happen when I am able to help a nurse who is struggling experience that “aha” moment and then master the task at hand. I love that…I love when they finally see that they are smart, intelligent and capable. I love the look on their faces. I never get tired of it and it makes me feel like I am still making a real difference even though I no longer care for patients directly.

What do you look most forward to at work?
I enjoy problem solving and team building. For example, when someone is having computer problems that are making work seem impossible and creating frustrations, I like to find the solution. It feels good to say “gotcha” and fix it…plus it makes everyone happy and more productive.

Name some of your favorite things to do outside of work.
I like “geocaching” with my boys. Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game that uses GPS-coordinates. My boys and I love the journey. We have met interesting people, talked about life, learned about our heritage and laughed together during our adventures.