Our TeamChris Galoski, RN

Chris Galoski  | Clinical Informatics Educator

Why did you choose a career path in senior healthcare?

I have two older sisters who are nurses, so their experiences provided inspiration and an understanding of the impactful influence a committed nurse can have on patients. A desire to better understand how the human body functions and how it combats illness, especially as we age, also spurred me down this trail.

Name your best work moment.

Helping one of our patients find a new home for his dog occupies the top spot. Years ago, I had developed a bit of a kinship with a resident at the Meadows of Scioto, and we ultimately admitted him to our Dublin home-care agency. After assessing the lay of the land at home, a field clinician mentioned that our patient physically and financially could not take care of his dog. So, I called our patient, and he agreed to let me find the dog a more suitable home. I ended up taking him to a pet groomer for a bath and a trim, and then I found him a pooch-loving household. Seeing pictures of that dog with his new, adoring family was immeasurably fulfilling.

What do you look most forward to at work?

Accruing more informatics and clinical knowledge and expertise. This leads to our agencies better understanding our software and eventually filters to our patients, who are our primary concern, helping ensure that they receive top-notch care. It has been said many times, but you don’t grow when you’re comfortable; you only grow when uncomfortable. With my position, there is no limit to the software nuances, features, and processes for which my brain is constantly seeking a solution. I believe in the axiom that if you’re the most intelligent person in the room, you’re in the wrong room, so I often enjoy being stumped by a system error and will bulldog ahead until I can resolve it.

Name some of your favorite things to do outside of work.

I could spend every day in the woods, at a lake, or camping with my daughter, Livi, and my boxer, Bailey. I am also a fitness enthusiast and sports fanatic. I live and die with Ohio State athletics and the Cleveland teams, but I follow it all and care way more than I should. I listen to countless sports podcasts, watch sports debate shows, SportsCenter, you name it. Additionally, I find reading to be foundational for keeping the mind nimble.