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Capital Health Care Network10 Early Warning Signs of PD from
the Parkinson’s Foundation

Apr 08, 2022

No objective test for PD exists. PD is more common in people age 60+. Talk to your doctor if you have two or more of the following:

1. Tremor – Have you noticed a slight shaking in your finger, thumb, hand, or chin? A tremor while at rest is a common early sign of PD.

2. Small Handwriting – Has your handwriting gotten much smaller than it used to? A change may be a sign of PD.

3. Loss of Smell – Have you noticed you no longer smell certain foods very well? If you have trouble smelling foods like bananas, pickles, or licorice, ask your doctor about PD.

4. Trouble Sleeping – Do you thrash in bed or act out dreams when you are asleep? Sudden movement during sleep may be a sign of PD.

5. Trouble Moving/Walking – Do your body, arms, or legs feel stiff? it doesn’t go away, it can be a PD sign.

6. Constipation – Do you have trouble moving your bowels without straining?

7. Soft/Low Voice – Have others told you that your voice is very soft or that you sound hoarse?

8. Masked Face – Have you been told that you have a serious, depressed, or mad look, even when not in a bad mood? This is called facial masking.

9. Dizziness or Fainting – Do you notice that you often feel dizzy when standing up? Feeling dizzy or fainting can link to PD.

10. Stooping or Hunching Over – Are you not standing as upright as you used to? Stooping, leaning, or slouching when you stand may be a sign of PD.

Early detection helps because it provides a better opportunity to learn how to manage symptoms and maybe even slow progression.